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Take your optical skills to the next level


The Science of Blue Light

This revolutionary workshop will uncover the dangerous trends and “unintended consequences” that are affecting both you and your patients in today's 24/7 "Digital World."

Why Digital Lenses Are Better 

Discuss the process of how digital lenses are made vs. traditional and how digital is changing the market.  We also discuss the portfolios of the different major manufacturers and what makes each of them different.

Selling Skills

We talk about how to create a unique patient experience that ensures repeat clients and has continuity from the time they are greeted at the front desk to the time they are checking out after the purchase of glasses.

Cost of Remakes

No charge remakes….are they really no charge?  The lab doesn’t charge you for remaking the lenses, but the time it takes with the optician as well as the doctor add up to more than you think.  In this course we will discuss the hidden costs of remakes that you may not know and what ideally your percentage of remakes should be.  We will also talk about strategies to reduce remakes and reduce chair time with the doctor on those no charge recheck visits.