Foundations - Minneapolis, MN

Get a Crash Course in Optical Dispensing




Learn how to adjust metal, zyl, rimless and drill mount frames professionally to ensure a proper fit every time.


Computer Vision Syndrome and Blue Light

What is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?  What are the symptoms of CVS?  How CVS can be corrected. Discussion of blue light, what it is and how it can be a contributing factor to CVS



What do you do when a patient comes in and says they can’t see?  Discuss the questions to ask and how to adjust glasses that will a lot of times alleviate the problem.


Selling Skills

Learn some tips and tricks on how to create a unique patient experience that ensures repeat clients and has continuity from the time the patient is greeted at the front desk to the time they are checking out after the purchase of glasses.  We will also take a look at how to make selling a pair or multiple pair a seamless process.


Lens Materials and Lens Thickness Workshop

We talk about factors to consider when choosing a lens material index of refraction, weight, thickness performance and UV protection.  We also break down what the advantages and disadvantages are of each material.  After we complete that we discuss lens decentration and how that affects the cosmetics of a pair of glasses.  Then we will workshop with glasses and PD rulers to find the measurements needed from a frame to figure lens decentration.

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