Walman University 2020 - Fond Du Lac: CANCELED

My Perfect Vision: Inspire


Walman University 2020 will inspire your team and help them discover what “Perfect Vision” means to them. From interactive sessions and technical courses from thought leaders in the optical industry, Walman University 2020 is designed to energize your passion and transform your vision for yourself, your practice, the industry and beyond.



7:00 AM: Breakfast and Registration - Crystal Ballroom

8:00 AM: Who Are You? Who? Who?

Speaker: Mike Karlsrud

Communication between employees and employer is critical for an office to run smoothly and without conflict. So what if you knew the signs and signals of how someone communicates, why they have a certain style, and what you can do to be more effective in relating to one another?  Once you understand your own communication style and appreciate the three other styles within your office, family and patient population, it becomes easier to understand one another!

9:00 AM Light Benders

Speaker: Phernell Walker II, BSB, NCLC, ABOM

Bending light is a science and an art. Light benders unite over prism applications and the exploration of how we refract light and use prism to move three dimensional space.

10:00 AM Break

10:15 AM The Clear and Present Danger of Diabetes

Speaker: Phernell Walker II, BSB, NCLC, ABOM

This is a course for opticians, lab technicians, optometric technicians and optometrists alike. Diabetes is a systemic disease that goes undiagnosed by the millions.  Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness and continues to rise.  Knowing the implications of diabetes is essential for the entire office to provide the best patient care.

11:15 AM Lunch

12:15 PM Somebody Take the Trash Out!

Speaker: Mike Karlsrud

 “The loudest voice you will hear is the whisper in your ear.” The greatest barrier to accomplishing our wants, desires and goals in life lives between our ears. It’s “Head Trash.” Our trash collection starts very young in life, and over the years we become experts in hoarding thoughts, words and beliefs about ourselves that we shape our own narrative about who we are, and ultimately who we become. Our past is in the past, we should not give it so much power it condemns our future.  It’s time to take out some trash.

1:15 PM Beyond 20/20 - Innovations in Eye Care

Speaker: Phernell Walker II, BSB, NCLC, ABOM

In the year 2020, what was once thought to be impossible is now a reality! Learn how to embrace the new ophthalmic technology so you can give your eye care patients what they really want. This course explores this new era of lens, frame, and optometric exam technology and will inspire you to see eye care in a whole new light.

2:15 PM: Break

2:30 PM:  Monday Morning, Now What?

Speaker: Mike Karlsrud

Monday morning meetings can fuel and empower a team for an entire week!  Or, they can set the tone of just another week in the office.  We’ll talk about the power of a weekly “huddle.”  What should the meeting accomplish, what should be discussed, how to organize it and make it fun so it’s a “never miss” meeting!  Meetings can be a drag, but they also can inspire. Wake up! Grab some coffee, it’s Monday morning! 

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