Virtual Foundations


Join us for a crash course in optical.
Courses Include:
Blue Light Lens many do I pick what is right for my customer??
There are so many choices of blue light lens solutions which is providing the right protection for my customer. We will discuss all of the options and how to sell the right solution to your patient.

Customer Service Excellence and Educating on Premium Product
In a world where everything seems to be going online, how do we provide a level of service that keeps us relevant and patients coming through our door. Learn how to educate on why premium visual solutions are a better option than “what my insurance covers.”

Lens Materials and Lens Thickness Workshop
We talk about factors to consider when choosing a lens material index of refraction, weight, thickness performance and UV protection. We also break down what the advantages and disadvantages are of each material. After we complete that we discuss lens decentration and how that affects the cosmetics of a pair of glasses. PLEASE BRING A PD RULER AND A PAIR OF GLASSES TO THE CLASS.