Losing Contact Lens Sales to Online? | NOW is the time to Outsell Online Retailers & Focus on Sales that Stick!

Your patients REALLY do want to buy from you… it’s actually more stressful for them not to! This webinar will explore both the principles behind why patients want to buy from you even now in the COVID-19 era, and how to best use the power of pricing, product placement and your value proposition to convert more sales in your office. These easy to implement tactics can be used not only for contact lens sales but to help you move the needle with other service/product offerings. As independent eye care professionals we have the unfair advantage of having a relationship with our patients, being the most convenient, and providing the best customer service, so why are our patients only buying an average of 30% of annual supplies from us? It comes down us treating our patients as consumers by using effective communication styles and the right visual aids to tell our story better than the online retailers.

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